Create new opportunities for your business

We are devoted to your success

By joining the Saluber network, you have the possibility to increase profits and to optimize the use of resources, all of it leading to a significant increase in costs.

Start making money with every ride

Get high commission on every single ride that is successfully completed.

Be part of an established network

Strengthen your company brand by entering a constantly growing network.

Have full autonomy and flexibility

Make the most of your time by choosing the hours in which you want the service active.

Take full advantage of your resources

Optimize the use of resources in terms of vehicles and personnel to improve cost efficiency.

Offer high standards to your clients

Saluber for transport will provide you with the right tools that will help you increase your company’s productivity and customers’  satisfaction.

Rely on the Saluber technology

For each vehicle that is part of your fleet you will be assigned a last generation device that will allow your operators to receive requests for new rides in real time.

Keep track of your earnings

The more you drive, the more money you can make. You will always be aware of the commission you will gain even before accepting a request for a new ride.

Join the network

Start providing convenient and reliable rides for your clients and help them get where they need to be.