Simplify the way your business moves.

Take care of your patients in a better way

Saluber is an all-in-one platform that helps businesses fill the gap in customer transport. It helps them work in a smart way, letting them avoid old processes such as paperwork.

A new way to manage healthcare.

All the data. On one screen.

Better transportation. Better care.

Your security. Our top priority.

A new way to manage healthcare.

Use Saluber dashboard to directly monitor and manage all of your activities - past, active and upcoming - in one centralized place.

Ride information screenRequest a ride screen

On-demand ride
ordering via tablet

Speed up your workflow using the tablet app to manage ride requests.

Plan current and
future rides

Book immediate and future rides and help your client reach their destination.

Help patients reach
destination. Faster

Find the nearest vehicle to ensure your clients reach the appointment on time.

Monitor the ride. Every
step of the way

Keep an eye on each and every one of client’s ride, from pickup to drop-off.

Saluber insights screen

All the data.
On one screen.

Use the platform to find all useful data. Review rides history, upcoming trips, locations, and your total Saluber earnings.

Total cost transparency

Know the cost of the ride even before booking it. What is more, Saluber allows for seamless, cashless or contactless payments, through the usage of high technology devices.

All insights in one secure app

Through the analytics dashboard, you can track key metrics such as rides utilization, performance, earnings and satisfaction rating.

Join the network

Start providing convenient and reliable rides for your patients and help them get where they need to be.

Better care for patients

qualified drivers

Specialized staff will take care of your customers during the ride.

Vast number
of vehicles

Different types of vehicles are available based on your client's needs.

Secure contactless

Easy payments provided using new tech standards such as contactless

Ride's status
always known

Know the position of the vehicle at all times as well as your client's location.

Better transportation.
Better care.

Our first mission is about maintaining the safety of your clients. Thanks to a certified process we can guarantee high level standards that accompanies your clients at every step of their ride.

Payment info screenSaluber ride location screen

Your security,
our top priority

We are always sure to go the extra mile for safety in both physical and digital world. All of the rides’ data and personal information will be always secure and protected.

Your patient’s ride position, communicated via SMS

There is no need for your clients to install any app. They will directly receive an SMS on their mobile phone with vehicle details and pickup ETA.

Safety of your patient's data. Guaranteed

Your clients' personal information will be protected by an encrypted protocol that will ensure their privacy.

Join the network

Start providing convenient and reliable rides for your patients and help them get where they need to be.